We need your help!

Hi there, how do you fancy trying something completely new and awesome?! 
Our newly formed sprint boat team is looking for new members.. 

Positions we would like to fill include, engineer, researcher, photographer (for our website and video production), paint sprayer (car body) but this is not to say you need any of these skills, just enthusiasm! 

No age limit.. male or female..

We are based in Plymouth, and it does not cost a penny to join, we do everything associated with boat racing, organising test runs, getting to the events and shows, maintaining our launch vehicle, so if you want to get involved, think you have something to offer, or just want to learn something then send me a text and we can discuss further :) 

we usually meet at the workshop Monday and Wednesday evenings, but end up there most evenings... and weekends. Oh and would be great if you had transport to and from the workshop, which is at the bottom of Albert road.. 

Please get in contact if you are interested.

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Video information on the sport!

If you thought powerboat racing was the craziest motorsport on water, then you've probably never seen a Jetsprint race.

While not as fast as their hydroplane counterparts, sprint boats are plenty nimble.

The winding waters and twisted trenches of Jetsprint courses rarely occur naturally, so competitors actually dig the 3 foot deep channels themselves.

Youtube Channel

Some images of a recent restoration  project