Fiya marine was formed in 2005 by myself, originally just me in a small workshop in budleigh salterton, i was putting the skills i had learned from many years of work in the marine industry to use to persue my goal of bringing jet boats back into the limelight , as i think the concept of this is very exciting and has never been pushed to its full potential.

I started out in 2005 with a boat i found in a field completely overgrown with brambles. I paid pounds for it, as it was basically a wreck!

After 3 months of work it was ready for the water with a supercharged ford essex engine in the back.

This was spotted running by a guy who then made me an offer i couldnt refuse.

In 2005 after years of doing things on my own, i decided if i wanted to take on more projects and potentially race, i had to form a team, and i picked the best people i knew to fill the ranks.

We have since purchased a number of boats one of which we are hoping to show and promote the sport of V8 Jet sprinting, which we are hoping to bring to the uk in the not to distant future from australia, new zealand, and the usa.

If you are wondering about the name "Fiya marine" Fiya, is just a different way of spelling Fire, although pronounced the same, which is my nickname.

We also offer many services to help fund our racing dreams