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Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the all new Fiya Marine website!

This is the first time we have put ourselves out there for the world to see, so hopefully you will like what you see when you brouse our pages.

If you are wondering about the name "Fiya marine" Fiya, is just a different way of spelling Fire, although pronounced the same, which is my nickname.

Take a ride on the wild side!

600 HORSE POWER STRAPPED TO YOUR BACKSIDE.... Nothing will ever feel fast again!

Imagine yourself being strapped unbelievably tightly into your race seat, a helmet placed and pulled down firmly on your head, done up tightly! A neck brace fitted around your neck.

Yes, this boat has roll bars! You watch your driver reach out and hit the start button, the motor leaps to life, roaring incredibly loud just centimetres behind your seat. You realise the brute power of the motor as the entire boat vibrates and shudders from the idling motor.

Now you really wonder what the hell you are doing, you think to yourself, my god the motor fills two thirds of this boat and I’m strapped into it!

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The Sport of V8 Jet sprinting

For those who love their adrenalin rush a little bit on the wet side, allow us to introduce you to the sport of sprint boat racing, otherwise known as jetsprint. Basically, a jetsprint is a race between jet boats, generally with a crew of two on board. The jet boats race against the clock along twisting courses at breakneck speeds, generally through very narrow waterways of no more than a metre in depth, and usually with thrilled spectators lining the banks.

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A short history of jet boats

Jet boats got their name from the jet of water that shoots out the back of the boat, propelling the craft. While traditional motor boats use a propeller underneath the water, jet boats draw water from beneath the boat into a pump, and then it is expelled through a nozzle at the stern.

While the jet boat was originally built for more practical purposes, the fact of the matter is that the design was so exciting that it didn't take long for the jet boat to take on more recreational purposes. 

The natural instinct of human beings to race whatever vehicles and craft they invent has led to many brilliant racing sports, but none are quite like jetsprinting. Racing is quick and raucous, with the boats usually powered by V8 motors well of over 600 horsepower.

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What Information are you looking for?

so.. whats it all about?

The race generally involves predefined courses in channels with over 20 twists, turns and changes of direction. The boats take these turns at incredibly fast speeds -- in fact, the average course is completed in about 45 to 60 seconds.

The boats themselves are around four metres in length, with strakes on the sides that offer traction by preventing the boat from sliding across the water and out of control when high-speed turns are being conducted.

The jetboat's crew is always two -- one being the driver and the other being the navigator. As expected, the navigator's role is to help guide the driver through the winding course, usually with basic hand signals.

Previously only ever seen in Australia and New zealand it has spread to some areas of the US, and now the Uk! Specifically plymouth, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!